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Subject: Re: [oiic-formation-discuss] Code walkthrough

2008/7/2 Tom M. <m42tom-odf@yahoo.com>:

> In order to test for interoperability, the test needs to be
> very comprehensive.  IMO, we should start with areas where
> we have seen problems.  That is not enough to be able to
> certify a program as being compliant, though.  That
> requires extensive testing.
> Designing adequate test data is not a simple task.

A call for real-life problematic documents? (Leave "problematic"
undefined here.) Non-compliant ODF fine as long as it's generated by a
production app?

(or, since that's likely a whole subproject in itself, perhaps
suggesting a note by the OIIC to ask people to set up such a project.)

- d.

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