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Subject: Re: [oiic-formation-discuss] Reason and example arguing for the useof an ODF (or XML) canonical form

Stuart A. Yeates wrote:

> "What features can (and cannot) be expected to interoperate between
> conformant apps?"

Appendix D (non normative) "core features set" of ODF 1.1 contains a
high-level overview and starts with this:

"The OpenDocument specification does not specify which elements and
attributes conforming application must, should, or may support."

> "Will an ODF document opened by a conformant app and then saved as an
> ODF document loose information?"

Yes, information loss can and will occur (at least some versions of the
Word plugins did remove slide transitions from presentations)

The way I read the spec, such behavior is allowed, ODF 1.1 only mentions
that apps should (not "shall") preserve foreign elements, but doesn't
specify what to do with ODF elements/attributes not supported by the

ODF 1.1, section 1.5:

"There are no rules regarding the elements and attributes that actually
have to be supported by conforming applications, except that
applications should not use foreign elements and attributes for features
defined in the OpenDocument schema. See also appendix D."

(appendix D is non-normative)

Best regards,


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