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Subject: Re: [oiic-formation-discuss] Value and danger of extensions

2008/7/11 jose lorenzo <hozelda@yahoo.com>:

> OK, extensions that are "good" should not be zapped. "Good" is based on documentation/standardization.
>There may be a  central registry approach or lookup to find such documentation.

Your definition of good might match mine, it is unlikely to match a commercial
organisations definition, seeking commercial gain in the market place.

>> I found http://books.xmlschemata.org/relaxng/page2.html
>> very good,
>> although the paper version is better for reference.
>> The schema is possibly the worst part of ODF IMHO.
> I think the link you provided is what I was looking for. I don't have quick access to my regular desktop, so I tried googling and took a guess. Thanks. I think that's that book I had in mind. .. So its title is simply, "RELAX NG".

Yes, Eric is a good writer, it covers most of what is needed. My paper
copy is very well used :-)


Dave Pawson

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