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Subject: Re: [oiic-formation-discuss] My perspective. display perferct?

2008/7/14 Hurley, Garry (L&I - OIT) <ghurley@state.pa.us>:
 The application can make suggestions if it finds such situations, but
it should never change things without the user's consent.
> This is why I suggested we might want to concentrate on how the data is represented ON DISK as opposed to ON SCREEN.

Is that of interest to others?
If I create a (valid) odf document, save it to disk
should it remain unchanged in terms of content when it passes through
another application?
I guess metadata will change (date last edited etc), but stuff the user wrote?
Should that remain 'fixed' (markup + content?)

I know open office broke a process I used when they changed one of
their versions
so I'm all for it.

Any thoughts?


Dave Pawson

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