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Subject: OMF Cash Forecast

Hi Scott,Â

I have done an analysis of OMF Funds for the remainder of the year.ÂÂ
After talking with Jascha on Friday, I've revised some numbers and updated the forecast.ÂÂ
A few things Jascha noted,Â
1) Bird will probably not pay the balance of the $125k, ÂI will cancel the last 12 months of the extended membership
and net effect will be $0.ÂÂ
2) He is in the process of onboarding Waymo for $70k, so that is something we can count on.Â
3) I've talked to him about his new hire ( he might ask for 4 weeks insteadÂof the normal 3 wks,
ÂI talked Jascha out of offering the 5 weeks- not sure if it will work)Â
4) The Knight foundation may allow OMF to use the funds to help pay for the Dir of Ops position.Â

I have also taken into consideration, $50k to Lacuna for their renewal and the $50k Annual Faas fee due in June.Â

Here is the cash outlook,ÂÂ
There will be sufficient funds for Jascha and the new Dir of Ops thru the end of the year-Â
Jascha'sÂposition is only funded until April of next year thruÂRockefeller but there willÂ
sufficient funds will carry him longer if there is not much other activity like conferences, etc.Â
Balances as of 3/31/2020

Non Reg (Core)Knight

(Non Core)
(Ex Dir)(new hire) TBDTBD
Cash balance$58,887.21$162,300.00$138,000.00$55,671.65
Member fees $62,500.00 $70,000.00
FaaS Fees-$12,000.00
FaaS Fees-$53,200.00
Yr End Balance$3,324.21$93,233.00$138,000.00$60,471.65
Total Yr End$295,028.86

I am also working on the Net Income for OMF for Yr end. That will follow.Â
Let me know if you have any questions, etc.Â


Catherine Mayo

781-425-5073Â x21

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