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Subject: Re: Guest Discussion at AC Meeting on 12/16

I think licensing is one of the main "hot topics" now in Open Source, so I agree that having them at the Dec meeting makesÂsense.

BTW: I will also be at the OSSF in NYC nextÂweek.

Jim Jagielski

On Tue, Nov 12, 2019 at 10:50 PM Jory Burson <jory.burson@oasis-open.org> wrote:
Hello, AC Members,

One of our OASIS board members, Margaret Lebrecque, reached out to me a few weeks ago to talk about licensing trends her team at Intel Legal have been pickingÂup on. I suggested that this mightÂbe a really interesting discussion to have with our Advisory Council, given that many of you all are right in the middle of licensing decisions for your organizations. Amanda, Tobie & I also spent some time chatting about licensing at All Things Open, so it seems like it would be a really topical conversation.

I'd love to ask Margaret and her colleague Mike to come chat with at the Dec. 16 meeting. I think it would be an interesting and engaging discussion, but if this would be a conflict for you, or something you would rather not have us do, please let me know directly and we will proceed with our usual agenda.Â


ps - If you are planning to come to the Open Source Strategy Forum next week in New York, let me know! I've recently made plans to attend and would love to see you.

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