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Subject: Seeking new opportunities

Dear Council,

I have decided to leave ConsenSys and so I am actively looking for my next opportunity. Obviously, considering my background andÂexperience (and reputation), something that has tight alignmentÂwith Open Source would be perfect for me... strategy, creating or filling out an OSPO, Distinguished Engineer, etc.

Due to family responsibilitiesÂI am unable to relocate from the Balto MD area, but I have worked remote for 20+ years and am good at it. With companiesÂthat don't, yet, fully embrace remote, I tend to stay a week every month or so "on campus".

Anyway, if people know of anything, I'd appreciate it if you couldÂkeep me in mind. If you could also share this with your extended network, that would be greatly appreciated.

Stay Safe!

Jim Jagielski

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