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Subject: [OASIS AC] Quarterly Call Follow-up

Hi all,

It was great seeing you all this week on our quarterly Advisory Council call. I'll summarize the notes below for those who weren't able to make it, and follow up with some of you individually about the resources you shared on the call.Â
  • We shared the (private for now) news that Guy Marten will be joining us as OASIS's new Executive Director. Once again, we extend our deep appreciation to you all for helping amplify this job posting and providing some excellent referrals. Guy will likely join us on our next call.
  • We also shared a new project that launched to wide acclaim under the Ethereum Open Project, the Baseline Protocol. This is the project that, for an interesting set of reasons, needed to be brought in under CC-0. We're happy to report that the project has been well received and we're having no problems getting ECLAs or ICLAs signed from contributors.Â
  • We talked a bit about the licensing conversations we've continued to have via email. Currently, OASIS supports a short list of licenses, and we are continuallyÂasked about supporting others. One of the issues we identified is that there is not a great deal of mid-level education resources that help projects understand which licenses might be a good fit based on type of software or product. Jim, Amanda, and others had recommendations to follow up on, and Heather's blog was also suggested. The takeaway is that OASIS should produce some materials and reshare materials from the AC to provide potential projects.ÂÂ
  • The other discussion topic was tooling. As OASIS Open Projects grows to support more projects, we've noticed that some organizations have mandated a specific tech stack or platform. This is easier for the organization to maintain but limits choice. The AC encouraged us to remain as modular and open as possible for open source projects to use the tools they want, whether open source or proprietary. Jim and Chris suggested detailing an "OASIS preferredÂtoolchain" and requiring only that the toolsÂmeetÂour needs for data interoperability, archivability, and privacy. Tobie also encouraged us to rate the accessibility and internationalization features of these tools.

OASIS Open Projects Program Manager
Pronouns: She / Her

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