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Subject: OpenC2 - from openc2.ortizonline.com



At the May 2018 Integrated Cyber event, there was a quick presentation by EFRAIN ORTIZ on the new OpenC2 code that was available from http://openc2.ortizonline.com/. DarkLight has implemented this code into an OpenC2 Step in our cognitive playbook builder so we can communicate with orchestration solutions in OpenC2. We are currently looking for other vendors who have implemented this OpenC2 code so that we can do some compatibility testing. If your solutions speaks OpenC2 and you are willing to collaborate with us to do some testing please reach out. Thanks in advance!


Within the IACD version of the OODA loop, DarkLight is using OpenC2 as part of Decision-making to communicate with the orchestration solution in the Acting phase. See attached graphic to better understand the cyber OODA loop.


Best regards,

Shawn Riley






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