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Subject: Suggestions for Enabling Implementation

Ease of implementation is likely to be a key factor in driving uptake and support of OpenC2. The following are some suggestions for the specs that could help implementers.
- The Language Specification would benefit from having some examples included. The examples are useful where they have been included in the other two specifications.
- Having an OpenAPI specification available as a sample would be very helpful. It may not cover all possible use cases for the language, however,  would be useful at least for the RESTful API implementor.  

- JADN is widely referenced within the Language Specification document, Âhowever, appears to be defined solely by a JADN schema in Annex A.   To understand OpenC2, requires that the implementor first understand JADN, which itself may be a barrier to implementation unless it provides some other compelling advantages, such as code generation from a JADN schema? 

Sean Welsh

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