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Subject: OpenC2 Signature suggestion

OpenC2 TC,

This is my first time using this method, I hope it works as intended. Since my organization is temporarily no longer a member of Oasis I am using this method to make suggestions.

Enclosed I have attached my "rough" suggestion for a signature scheme in OpenC2 in relation to LSC issue #363. The general suggestion involves detaching and attaching a signature field to a pre-made OpenC2 payload encompassing headers and content as suggested by Dave Kemp in issue #353. 

Since the particular way in which a signature is applied is serialization dependent I suggest that we use best practices for each serialization and define what those are for OpenC2.  In this case I utilized JSON serialization as an example. The RFCs (JWS and JCS) referenced as best practice will be specific to JSON serialization only.

PS: I know it needs a little something, but perhaps this will start that conversation.


Danny Martinez

Principal Cyber Security Engineer

HII Mission Driven Innovative Solutions (HII-MDIS)

Technical Solutions Division


302 Sentinel Drive, Suite 300 | Annapolis Junction, MD 20701

Mobile (407) 257-0031

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