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Subject: CRM for public review 01 of OpenC2 Architecture Specification, v1.0, WD06

In accordance with the OASIS TC Process, section 2.6, the attached Comment Resolution Matrix (CRM) satisfies the requirements for handling public review comments:


The TC must acknowledge the receipt of each comment, track the comments received, and post to its primary and comment e-mail lists its disposition of each comment after the end of the review period.


The CRM links the comments submitted with corresponding GitHub issues and pull requests, in addition to providing a brief summary of the response to each comment. The changes made in response to public review comments were as follows:

  • PR #77: Clarify that Actions must only be defined in the Language Specification and explicitly not in Actuator Profiles (Sect 2.3.2)
  • PR #80: Enhance the discussion of security services to emphasize use of standards (App B)
  • PR #79: Add mention of Producer takeover under active attacks (App B)
  • PR #78: Expand out-of-band network (OOBM) discussion (App B)
  • PR #76: Editorial corrections

The TC believes all of these changes are non-material. WD07 will be proposed for a ballot for approval as an OASIS Committee Specification.




David Lemire
IA Systems Engineer
Mission Technologies
(301) 575-5190 (o)
   (240) 938-9350 (m)



Attachment: OpenC2_ArchitectureSpec_v1.0_PR_1-CRM.pdf
Description: OpenC2_ArchitectureSpec_v1.0_PR_1-CRM.pdf

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