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Subject: RE: [Non-DoD Source] [openc2-lang] Re: [openc2-imple] IC-SC already exits

This is splitting hairs over words.

> This OpenC2 Implementation Considerations SC is responsible for identifying and providing guidance
> for implementation aspects such as message transport, and information assurance (IA). The SC will
> leverage preexisting standards to the greatest extent practical and it is within scope of this SC to
> identify gaps as they pertain to command and control of cyber defense technologies.

The IC-SC is responsible for *specifying* a protocol stack in sufficient detail to ensure interoperability between two implementations using that stack.  It is not going to *develop* a replacement for TLS (the transport layer *security* protocol), nor will it *develop* a replacement for http (the hypertext *transport* protocol).   It will re-use existing protocols, and it will create whatever additional glue is necessary (such as a standard media type for openc2 messages to be used in http headers) needed to ensure interoperability.

As Duncan said, there are existing implementations that interoperate using existing transport procols.   But an implementation is not a spec.  The job of the IC-SC is to write down a spec.  That has been its job from day one. 


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Subject: [Non-DoD Source] [openc2-lang] Re: [openc2-imple] IC-SC already exits

Jason Keirstead wrote this message on Mon, Jan 29, 2018 at 19:09 +0000:
> The problem is, from my experience, developing a protocol was never part of that subcommittee's mandate. If it was, it is not in the charter. 
> Developing a protocol is a big deal and should be the primary job of whatever subcommittee it is under. It is far more reaching than an implementation consideration.



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