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Subject: Conformance Addition: table for message elements.

IC-SC Members:Â I've added a table in the Conformance section (4.0) of the HTTPS spec to specify how the message elements defined in L-Spec Table 3.2 are conveyed in HTTPS. Please take a look and provide any feedback.

I had added it in Suggesting mode but it created individual comments for each line of the table, which was very messy, so I just accepted them all. Suffice that what's at that bookmark link is new and needs review.Â


David P. Lemire
 OpenC2 Technical Committee Executive Secretary
 OpenC2 Implementation Considerations SC Co-chair
 Contractor support to NSA
Email: dave.lemire@g2-inc.com
Office: 301-575-5190 / Mobile: 240-938-9350

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