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openc2-imple message

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Subject: [openc2-imple] Initial draft: Spec for OpenC2 over COAPS

Dear IS-SC Members,

I've posted an initial pinning for a draft of an OpenC2 over Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP) transport specification on the Google drive. The file,Âoc2-over-coaps-v1.0-WD01-wip, can be found in the folder:ÂÂ

implementation > transport-solutions > CoAP

Direct link to the document on the openc2-oasis drive isÂhttps://docs.google.com/document/d/1yfiZJLL0S7ENu4RMdSVrWmsetlvFUMN2LZwjZ_3bXg0/edit#Â

Commenting should be enabled.

The document will require an Editor,so if anyone has interest and/or experience in CoAP, IoT, M2M and want to explore another mechanism for transport with OpenC2- please step up!

Many thanks,

April J.

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