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Subject: OpenC2: Language Subcommittee Action Items

Language sub-committee, 

Recall that we had a language sub-committee meeting on September 26 at 13:00 eastern and two action items for the entire group were identified. 

ONE:  Resolution of the 'Modifier' vs 'Action-option' issue:  
The matter was discussed at great length.  The term 'modifier' is a source of confusion and the 'action-option' was not capturing the concept of providing an option to the command as a whole.  It appears that the members dialed into the subcommittee were converging on the idea of a 'command-option' field that was a peer to the 'action', 'target' and 'actuator' fields.  
ACTION:  In order to capture the deliberation, please provide suggestions to the googledoc located in the language issues directory (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1hFZQr13SM9GDn8OaTLsW1BpeEJBABVZyowYXQWN3SN8/ ) 
Also, later this week, I would like to conduct an informal email poll on the issue to ensure that we have general consensus at the SC level.  

TWO:  Proposed work plan:
Duncan provide a proposed work plan for the SC and he provided a subset of the language specification to assess whether or not we have general consensus on the 'Boilerplate' and 'actions'.  Duncan will generate the version 0.X.0 documents from the draft spec located at https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B2A_XQu_O5s-c0xYYWlINnFUMWs 
ACTION:  Provide any additional comments to the language spec with a focus on the sections up to and including section 3.1.  

Thank you 


Joe B  

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