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Subject: OpenC2 Language Extensions

As you are probably aware, WD04 is going out for review shortly without the language extension wording. We took out the draft extension wording due to objections so alternative techniques could be proposed. The objective at the end of last Tuesday's meeting was that the alternative-proponents would reach agreement among themselves, and they would present their conclusions at this Tuesday's meeting.

I believe the focus is on extensions for targets/target-specifiers/target-options but it is logical to assume the same techniques would be used for extending actuators/actuator-specifiers/actuator-options and for extending command-options.

Q1) Has agreement been reached?

In the ideal world, I would like to see the following presented:
- text for inclusion in the spec
- threads (ie json of the command) showing the extensions in use for both standards (STIX and/or KMIP) and implementer (aka vendor) extensions.

Q2) if agreement among the 3 camps has not been reached, any possibility we could have text/threads for each alternative for the wider LSC to deliberate on?

I would like to know for planning the Tuesday agenda.

Duncan Sparrell
sFractal Consulting LLC
iPhone, iTypo, iApologize

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