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Subject: Endangered Species List

Kudo's those contributing usecases, especially Efrain for his recent
additions. Reminder that we are looking to defer (ie remove from
language spec for now) those actions and targets for which htere are no
usecases. We currently have 80 usecases from 8 companies that cover 19
of the 32 actions (ie 13 actions remain on endangered species list) and
16 of 25 targets (ie 9 targets remain on endangered species list).

Personally I think we have enough to move forward and it's ok to defer
the 19 actions and 9 targets to 2.0. But if you feel we are removing
something you would like included, then please submit a usecase showing
the action and/or target you would like kept.

has two tables, one mapping actions to use cases and one mapping targets
to use cases. As can be seen from those tables, the endangered species
list currently consists of:
report, notify, pause, resume, set, move, snapshot, save, throttle,
delay, substitute, sync, mitigate
disk, disk partition, mac_addr, memory, user_account, user_session,
volume, x509_certificate, slpff

If I missed a use case (and hence endangered something that shouldn't),
please let me know (or do a pull request against the table and fix it).

Duncan Sparrell
sFractal Consulting LLC
iPhone, iTypo, iApologize
I welcome VSRE emails. Learn more at http://vsre.info/

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