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Subject: Proposed Agenda for 2020-01-06

Reminder: Meetings are now at 1:00 ET on the first Monday of the Month


Language Subcommittee Agenda January 6


Overarching Issues

Developing the OpenC2 Architectural Specification

Watching the SBOM Actuator Profile for new Language Requirements


Language Specification

Suggestions from Summer 2019

Additional Verbs


Architectural Specification

Waiting for first draft.

Consider Language on Conformance and Derivation



see Operational Technology write-up

Consider whether high-level purpose of OpenC2 is shared situation awareness
(since it is not Control)


Waiting for first draft.


Open Issues

Make casing mandatory. Accept only deny, not Deny, not DENY, only deny - Highlight this in the plugfest


Walk-On Issues


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