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Subject: FW: SCAP 2.0 Monitoring Overlay Idea


Thank you. I am forwarding this on to the experts to prepare a use case explain how to do it. We look forward to working together.


Duncan Sparrell

sFractal Consulting LLC

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From: Adam Montville <Adam.Montville@cisecurity.org>
Date: Tuesday, June 16, 2020 at 2:58 PM
To: "duncan@sfractal.com" <duncan@sfractal.com>
Subject: SCAP 2.0 Monitoring Overlay Idea


Hi Duncan,


Per your request, Iâve attached a draft-of-a-draft overview of what the SCAP 2.0 group is considering as a requirement. That group would like to be able to schedule state collection and evaluation on various intervals ranging from when a computing resource âwakes upâ or connects (from the perspective of the enterprise), when a target attribute of interest changes (i.e. configuration setting X has changed from enabled to disabled), to a variety of time-based intervals ranging from minutes to months.


Rather than reinvent any wheels, they asked me to see whether OpenC2 might have some _expression_ for this sort of thing.


Thanks in advance for your help.


Kind regards,



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Description: Monitoring Overlay Syntax Proposal.docx

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