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Subject: Relation of actuator profile and transport


Is there a field in Actuator Profile for what transports are supported? Apologies if this is a dumb question already answered, but I couldnât find it anywhere.



For the virtual SBOM PoC Plugfest/Hackathon I have started hackathon on TwinklyMaHa. Twinkly is the digital twin (ie in cloud instead of on raspberry pi) of Blinky (the hello world of IoT â blink a light). In Twinklyâs case the light blinking is on a web page instead of a physical LED. MaHa is the Mqtt Api Helloworld Actuator â ie a simple OpenC2 actuator that OpenC2 commands come via MQTT.  Iâm starting with BlinkyHaHa (which already works) and evolving Blinky to Twinkly and HaHa to MaHa. The way Iâm chosing to do MaHa, I can leave HaHa as a parallel transport. I believe that right now we donât have any way to distinguish (eg in a query/features) between whether I include alternate transport. Obviously if you are sending a query/features on HTTP, you know the AP supports HTTP. But I would you would want to know if you had alternative transport choices, especially as we get more options (json/cbor, http/s, mqtt/s, opendxl, â) and multiple versions of each (eg mqtt 3.1 vs mqtt 5).


I donât consider this a urgent or important issue, but we probably should have transport options as part of answer to query/features.


Although this might sound like an AP-SC issue, I believe it to be a language issue so I sent to L-SC because I believe it it the language that gives the capabilities and it is Language Spec that specifies the query/features


Duncan Sparrell

sFractal Consulting LLC

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