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Subject: Language Spec open issues

Hello Co-chairs,

We made good progress discussing open issues at the 3 August meetingÂhttps://meet.lucidmeetings.com/meeting/258343.

Under 3.2.2 Pull Requests, there are a number left over from before the release of CS01, with the question of whether they are OBE. In order to close them out I need to replace them with PRs against the current CS02 spec. May I request that you task the TC Secretary to update the LS repo to the current CS02 release.

Under 3.3 there's a question in the agenda about theÂJADN repo not being touched in 2 years. That refers to the master branch dating to creation of the repo. As noted at the meeting the working branchÂhttps://github.com/oasis-tcs/openc2-jadn/tree/workingÂis regularly updated, so the meeting minutes should reflect that it is under active development and review and feedback is welcome.


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