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Subject: OpenC2: Moving our codebase to OASIS github repositories


Consider this email a heads up. 

Recall that the legacy OpenC2 Forum had numerous repositories on a github (such as prototype implementation, command validators, schemas etc).  

There are some formal procedures we need to take care of in order to create the repositories and move the codebase to the OASIS github.  

I will need to draft a proposal for each OpenC2 repository prior to the next TC.  You will see a flurry of proposals in the near future, so this is a proactive apology for the spam and want you to know that it is a part of a procedure to move the codebase (and not some sort of earth shattering proposal with global consequences).  The proposals will have to be voted on, and if there are no objections, will cook up an uber motion for all the proposals.   

Very Respectfully, 

Joe Brule  

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