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Subject: OpenC2 Monthly TC procedureal update.


I had an offline email exchange with Chet Ensign and he is OK with what I am about to propose. 

BACKGROUND:  We have monthly TC meetings that are full business meetings and count toward voter eligibility.  The meeting occurs at 11:00 eastern and at 21:00 eastern.  The agendas are identical.  We have the 'dual' times to facilitate participation for our members in Asia-Pacific. 

ISSUES:  The 'dual time' slot for the same meeting brings up three issues

Issue One:  If a person is not available on a particular day, then from a 'kavi' point of view, two meetings were missed.  From a reality point of view, only one 'agenda' was missed. 

Issue Two:  This is a mirror of issue one.  Theoretically, a person could attend both meetings on the same day and prematurely get voting rights.  I really doubt anyone would do this, but it is theoretically possible. 

Issue Three:  A quorum requires greater than 50% of the voting members, but the two time slots 'dilutes' the participation. 

The monthly TC that occurs at 11:00 will be handled normally and ask the participants to record their attendance via kavi. 
We will ask the participants at the 21:00 instance of the meeting to record their attendance. The next morning, I will manually enter the 21:00 attendees into the 11:00 list and we will note in the minutes which members were at the 21:00 instance. 

The proposed work around solves the 'double absence' issue if someone misses a single agenda, addresses the 'quorum dilution' issue and simplifies the attendance record.  

BOTTOM LINE: I will update kavi such that the 21:00 meeting does not count toward voter eligibility, however we will utilize the work around procedures to record the attendees at 21:00 in the 11:00 record.  Despite what kavi says, you will be able to maintain your attendance record via the 21:00 meeting. 

Misc note:  A couple of people asked me this out of band, so I think it is worth bringing up. 
In the context of voting: Unless there is unanimous consent, a motion is not going to be carried at a TC meeting. Any potentially controversial motion will be done via ballot. 

Given that we have 'split' times we can have a situation where we don't know if there are any objections or we have a quorum until 21:00.  In this case the process is: 
If there are no objections, the motion will carry provided a quorum is reached and no objections are stated in the 21:00 meeting.  

BTW, I envision electronic ballots unless it is really obvious that something is not objectionable.  

Thank you 

Very Respectfully

Joe Brule   


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