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Subject: Groups - Action Item "Data Call for Actuator Profiles" Modified

Action Item Subject: Data Call for Actuator Profiles
Item Number: #0003

At today's TC meetings, the Actuator Profile co-chairs, Jyoti Verma and Dave Kemp, announced a data call for actuator profiles. They are asking users of actuators and producers of actuators to fill out a sheet for each product they use or produce. The sheet captures which actions and targets are applicable for an actuator along with any options.

Here is the link to the google sheets:


We would love some initial input for the next Actuator Profile Subcommittee meeting on September 27th 1300. With all inputs due prior to the next OpenC2 TC meeting to be held on October 18th.

This data call will give the subcommittee chairs a sense of what might be some of the more important areas to focus the subcommitte's energy and attention into developing actuator profiles.

Many thanks!


Owner: Ms. Jyoti Verma
Status: Open
Priority: Low
Due Date: 17 Nov 2017

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