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Subject: Workflow change


I would like to see us adopt a slightly different process for work in this TC.

I would be in favor of making sure more of the TC as a whole is involved and understands the work that is being done in a SC, since the TC, not the SC, is the group that actually votes on documents.

I would like to see us adopt a process of. 
1) The SC works on content or a document until they think it is done and ready for prime time

2) At this point the SC would inform the broader TC that they have a document that they would like the broader TC to review.

3) A two to three comment period would be opened up for the whole TC to review and comment.  

4) The SC will take the comments and feedback and rework the document. This process would then rinse and repeat until there is no more substantive comments in the document.

5) Once all substantive comments are resolved, then an electronic ballot would be opened to give people one last two week period to review before they vote.

I would like to make sure we are more inclusive and that we try harder to get more people to review it.  Having 5-8 people review it in working calls is NOT equal to TC consensus.  Further, doing a simple up/down vote on a full call without ample time to review is a keen to trying to ram rod the standard through the process.  


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