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Subject: Questioning “removal of target namespace”, and reminder to vote

Comments on no votes on the eballot for the language specification make mention of namespace being removed from the text for targets. I believe there is consensus that we should allow for namespace and have been requesting text for how to include it since prior to the face to face. There was no text for namespace in the draft sent for review, no comments were made requesting it in that review, and it did not come up in the LSC review discussion or to my knowledge at the TC working meeting just a few days ago. 

The two no votes mentioning this are right now the difference between passing and failing. It would have been nice if they included the text they desired (which they still can do until the ballot closes Wednesday), but at least they voted. 

Reminder that not voting or abstaining is the same as a no vote. The current tally is 20 yes (several with comment), 2 explicit no (both with comment), 22 implied no (ie did not vote). If you are a voting member, you do have a responsibility to vote and we would appreciate both your vote and your comments, particularly if you are voting no.

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Duncan Sparrell
sFractal Consulting, LLC
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