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Subject: Producers, Consumers, and Actuators

We had a very similar conversation in Energy Interoperation (how does a house interact with the grid? What if the House is an energy producer at this moment? How does a Battery interact with the Gird? With a House)

I have stolen some language from Energy Interoperation section 3.1


The all OpenC2 communications are between entities. In any communication, an entity acts as either a Producer or a Consumer. An entity may be a Consumer in one interaction and a Producer in another.

Most OpenC2 Communications are between a Producer and an Consumer acting as an Actuator. An Actuator Profile is a defined set of capabilities and responses. A Consumer MAY present multiple Actuator Profiles to a Producer.

A Consumer MAY provide no direct services itself, but instead relay, aggregate, dis-aggregate or coordinate commands and responses, acting as a Producer to downstream Consumers.

Within a specific pair of entities, each may act sometimes as the Producer, and sometimes as the Producer.


Figure 3â1: Entities interacting stolen from Energy Interoperation




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