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Subject: Re: [openc2] One item I've noticed on the current CSDs that will need to be fixed

Sent on behalf of Dave Kemp:
===== tear line =====
The schema contains the content of the tables in Section 3 of the Language Spec, and those tables are generated mechanically from the schema by a script.  The schema does not have anything to do with text outside of the tables, so it does not supersede or invalidate or conflict with that text.
In addition, the table Description column generated from descriptive text in the schema is non-normative, which is one of the reasons comments are stripped from Annexes A and B of the document.  Normative requirements not represented by the syntax appear in the text of the document, not in the syntax table comments.
In cases where the text DOES duplicate the schema, e.g. from Section 3.3.1:
         Usage Requirements:
… the table and the schema say that the cardinality of action is 1.   So in the event of a conflict, both the table and the schema are authoritative over any redundant requirements contained in the text.

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