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Subject: Adopt a standing rule to define 'duration of term' for the Technical and Subcommittee co-chairs

OpenC2 Technical Committee,
The co-chairs have been discussing a proposed standing rule for our technical committee to define the duration of a co-chair's term.  Currently, the OASIS procedures define at most two co-chairs for a technical committee or subcommittee, however the length of a co-chair's term is undefined.
A proposal was made to adopt a standing rule.  The rule would:
I think scheduled elections will provide a greater opportunity for diverse members to become co-chairs and infuse the effort with new perspectives.  I think the offset will build in continuity of operations. 
Among the co-chairs, I have heard no objections to the proposed standing rule (in fact those who have shared their opinion are supportive) and I took the liberty of asking Chet Ensign if it would be OK from an OASIS perspective.  OASIS does not have an issue if we adopt a standing rule along these lines. 
I will take the liberty of drafting a standing rule and will release it for comment in the near future. I do request your opinion in this matter.  Obviously we will discuss the matter at the TC monthly but your insight and opinion in advance would be most appreciated.  If you do not feel comfortable stating your opinion openly, I will respect your wish and I will present the perspective anonymously on your behalf. 
Please consider this proposal. 
Very Respectfully,
Joe Brule

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