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Subject: January Face to Face

OpenC2 Technical Committee,
Recall that there will be an OpenC2 Face to Face in January 10, 11 in Phoenix AZ.  I have two requests at this time:
ONE:  Attendance.  Will you send an email to me and/or Dave Darnell indicting that your intent?  Even if you are not certain, we would like to at least have your intent so that we can estimate the number of people.
TWO:  Agenda. Send any agenda items that you would like to see to me and CC Dave Darnell and Dave Lemire. 
Please note:  The MOST IMPORTANT agenda item we will have will be the resolution of the public review comments.  At this time, I have no idea how much time to allocate and suspect we will not know for sure until after December 10. 
Consider the following bullets for purposes of stimulating discussion on the agenda and consider the time allocations as rough estimates.  This will change.  Do not hesitate to send other agenda items, suggest deletions, modifications etc. 
Day One:  (full day)
Day Two (3/4 day)
Please provide your comments. We will be able to refine the estimates at a later date.
Thank you
Joe Brule

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