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Subject: DKS10 - Lang Spec CSPRD01 comment - Number of Profiles

The Specification is inconsistent on the number of profiles an actuator should/must have. I propose the document be written that âAll actuators MUST have at least one profile (which can be standard or extension) and MAY have more that one profileâ.

Page 21 line 6ish has cardinality of profile a 0-n. I believe this should be 1..n. Although it may be attempting to cover the case that a profile is not requested, but if discussing the existence of the key âprofileâ in the request, then it should 0..1 (ie you either ask for the profiles or you donât). I believe this table is discussing if the profile is in the response, then there should only be one key âprofileâ with a value with list of 1..n members. Ie the list MUST not be allowed to be an empty list.



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