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Subject: FYA - Language Specification Acknowledgements

This email is requesting your help to on the Language Specification Acknowledgements.


Discussions within the Language Subcommittee had decided to include the names of those that:

- voted (yes or no, but actually voted) on at least one of LS CSD's

- sent a public review email comment to TC mailing list (ie TC member)

- attended one of the face2face meetings where the LS was drafted

- made an edit or a comment in google doc of lang spec

- made a comment or pull request on the GitHub of the lang spec

- contributed to open source related to language spec

- wrote an email with a comment on LS

- didn't do any of above but someone (including themselves, ok to add yourself back if you are on delete list) says they remember them contributing something


The Acknowledgements section was blank when the Language Specification CSD was approved by the OpenC2 TC.

For the CSPRD, OASIS populated the section with the entire current membership (134 names that appear in CSDPR01).

Github Issue 129 (https://github.com/oasis-tcs/openc2-oc2ls/issues/129) deals with editing the acknowledgments per the LSC agreements.


I have done my best effort to comb the records and create the list per the requirements above, but I probably have errors.

The new Acknowledgement list contains 53 names.

Following are two lists - those to be deleted and those to remain in Acknowledgments..


Everyone reading this should find their name. Tell me if I have it on the wrong list. No explanations needed.


Names to be Deleted:

Alex    Amirnovin       Viasat

Kris    Anderson        Trend Micro

Darren  Anstee  Arbor Networks

Jonathan        Baker   Mitre Corporation

Theodor Balanescu       TELUS

Stephen Banghart        NIST

Sean    Barnum  FireEye Inc.

Omer    Ben-Shalom      Intel Corporation

Adrian  Bishop  Huntsman Security

Tom     Blauvelt        Symantec Corp.

Phillip Boles   FireEye Inc.

Adam    Bradbury        EclecticIQ

Sarah   Brown   NCI Agency

Gus     Creedon Logistics Management Institute

James   Crossland       Northrop Grumman

Mark    Davidson        NC4

Stefano De Crescenzo    Cisco Systems

Michele Drgon   Individual

Alexandre       Dulaunoy        CIRCL

Daniel  Dye     NC4

Chet    Ensign  OASIS

Jessica Fitzgerald-McKay        National Security Agency

Jim     Fowler  US Department of Defense (DoD)

Russell Glenn   Viasat

Juan    Gonzalez        DHS Office of Cybersecurity and Communications (CS&C)

Pavel   Gutin   G2

Allen   Hadden  IBM

Daichi  Hasumi  NEC Corporation

Tim     Hudson  Cryptsoft Pty Ltd.

Andras  Iklody  CIRCL

Erick   Ingleby ForeScout

Tim     Jones   ForeScout

Takahiro        Kakumaru        NEC Corporation

Kirill  Kasavchenko     Arbor Networks

Himanshu        Kesar   LookingGlass

Ivan    Kirillov        Mitre Corporation

Lauri   Korts-PÃrn      NEC Corporation

Anuj    Kumar   FireEye Inc.

Kent    Landfield       McAfee

Cheolho Lee     NSRI

ChangKun        Li      360 Enterprise Security Group

Anthony Librera ATT

Terry   MacDonald       Individual

Scott   MacGregor       McAfee

Web     Master  OASIS

Ryusuke Masuoka Fujitsu Limited

Vasileios       Mavroeidis      IFI

Andrew  May     Viasat

Andrew  Mellinger       Carnegie Mellon University

Adam    Montville       CIS

Christopher     O'Brien EclecticIQ

Andrew  Pendergast      ThreatConnect, Inc.

Wende   Peters  Bank of America

Hugh    Pyle    IBM

Greg    Reaume  TELUS

Joe     Reese   ThreatConnect, Inc.

Brennen Reynolds        ForeScout

Robert  Roll    Arizona Supreme Court

Michael Rosa    DHS Office of Cybersecurity and Communications (CS&C)

Anthony Rutkowski       Yanna Technologies LLC

Steven  Ryan    Individual

Omar    Santos  Cisco Systems

Sourabh Satish  Splunk Inc.

Aleksandra      Scalco  US Department of Defense (DoD)

Thomas  Schreck Siemens AG

Dee     Schur   OASIS

Randall Sharo   US Department of Defense (DoD)

Eric    Shulze  Trend Micro

Calvin  Smith   Northrop Grumman

Dan     Solero  AT&T

Ben     Sooter  Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)

Natalie Suarez  NC4

Sam     Taghavi Zargar  Cisco Systems

Ryan    Trost   ThreatQuotient, Inc.

Raymon  van der Velde   EclecticIQ

Drew    Varner  NineFX, Inc.

Tom     Vaughan EclecticIQ

Jyoti   Verma   Cisco Systems

Kamer   Vishi   IFI

Eric    Voit    Cisco Systems

David   Webber  Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Remko   Weterings       FireEye Inc.

Koji    Yamada  Fujitsu Limited

Paolo   Zaino   LookingGlass


Names to be in next version of Acknowledgements:

Philippe        Alcoy   Arbor Networks

Michelle        Barry   ATT

Brian   Berliner        Symantec Corp.

Joe     Brule   National Security Agency

Michael Butt    NC4

Toby    Considine       University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Trey    Darley  New Context Services Inc.

David   Darnell North American Energy Standards Board

Sudeep  Das     McAfee

Andrea  De Bernardi     Moviri SPA

Blake   Essing  ATT

Alex    Everett University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Joyce   Fai     NSA

Travis  Farral  Anomali

David   Girard  Trend Micro

Andy    Gray    ForeScout

John-Mark       Gurney  New Context Services Inc.

Stefan  Hagen   Individual

David   Hamilton        ATT

Nick    Humphrey        Huntsman Security

Christian       Hunt    New Context Services Inc.

April   Jackson G2

Sridhar Jayanthi        Individual

Bret    Jordan  Symantec Corp.

Jason   Keirstead       IBM

David   Kemp    National Security Agency

David   Lemire  G2

Jason   Liu     Northrop Grumman

Radu    Marian  Bank of America

Danny   Martinez        G2

Lisa    Mathews National Security Agency

James   Meck    FireEye Inc.

Efrain  Ortiz   Symantec Corp.

Paul    Patrick FireEye Inc.

Michael Pepin   NC4

Nirmal  Rajarathnam     ForeScout

Chris   Ricard  Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center (FS-ISAC)

Daniel  Riedel  New Context Services Inc.

Jason   Romano  National Security Agency

Philip  Royer   Splunk Inc.

Duane   Skeen   Northrop Grumman

Duncan  Sparrell        sFractal Consulting LLC

Michael Stair   ATT

Andrew  Storms  New Context Services Inc.

Gerald  Stueve  Fornetix

Rodney  Sullivan        NCI Agency

Allan   Thomson LookingGlass

William Trost   ATT

David   Waltermire      NIST

Jason   Webb    LookingGlass

Sean    Welsh   ATT

Charles White   Fornetix

Sounil  Yu      Bank of America




Duncan Sparrell

sFractal Consulting LLC

iPhone, iTypo, iApologize

I welcome VSRE emails. Learn more at http://vsre.info/


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