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Subject: OpenC2 Happenings for week of 28 January 2019

OpenC2 TC Members,

ITEM ONE:Â Contribute to PR01 Issue Resolution.
All three specifications have Comment Resolution Matrices (CRMs) that link to GitHub issue and pull-requests that capture the proposed resolution to the various comments that were received. The editors greatly desire TC member input on the resolutions, which can be as simple as "+1" to a specific pull request (if you're not a GitHub member, sign-up is easy; if you don't want to sign up, use the SC mail lists or Slack to provide your feedback on any issue or PR). If you'd like to do more, creating pull requests for specific issues is a real help, too: every PR created by a non-editor TC member makes the editor's job a bit easier. Here are links to the issue lists:

ITEM TWO:ÂÂNominees for Co-Chair Positions.
We will be having elections at the March TC meeting for a co-chair for the TC and each of the three SCs. Now it's time for nominations, please consider serving or approaching a colleague to serve as a co-chair for the TC or one of the subcommittees. Please remember that there is no obligation for a co-chair to be a document editor or vice-versa; that our co-chairs are also currently editors is a coincidence.

ITEM THREE: Proposal for Next Face-to-Face.
The TC co-chairs are proposing that the next F2F meeting be held April 30 -Â May 1 in the Washington - Baltimore area. This would schedule the meeting adjacent to the next IACD Integrated Cyber event, planned for May 2-3 at JHU APL. There is notable overlap of OpenC2 participants with interest in Integrated Cyber. Please advise Joe Brule or Sounil Yu regarding this proposed schedule.

ITEM FOUR: Meetings For This Week.
As of right now, there is Language SC meeting scheduled:
The HTTPS Specification Editor may schedule anÂad hocÂmeeting for comment resolution discussions, nominally Wednesday, 30 Jan at 1:00pm EST; IC-SC members are requested to please advise on the SC mail list (openc2-imple@lists.oasis-open.org) or the #implementation Slack channel regarding availability for such a meeting or any preferences for alternative scheduling.

In the interest of speeding up issue resolution, the SC co-chairs may need to extend their usual 1-hour meeting lengths or scheduleÂad hocÂmeetings. Please watch the SC mail lists and slack channels for meeting announcements.

Very Respectfully,

Sent by David Lemire, TC Secretary, on behalf of
  Joe Brule & Sounil Yu, OpenC2 TC Co-Chairs

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