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Subject: Status of Stateless Packet Filtering Profile

OpenC2 Technical Committee, 

The purpose of this email is to provide a status of the resolution of comments to the Stateless Packet Filtering Profile and provide an estimated delivery of a draft that can be considered for a second public review.  This is in response to an action assigned by the Technical Committee to the editors of the SLPF on January 11, 2019.  

The actuator profile subcommittee identified 35 distinct issues to the OpenC2 Profile for Stateless Packet Filtering and 19 GitHub pull requests have been generated.   
Based on the deliberations at the January Face to Face and at subcommittee level, we have achieved general consensus on the following: 
*	Accept 14 Pull Requests and close the corresponding issues
*	Reject one Pull Request and closed the corresponding issue 
*	Reject five Pull Requests and leave the corresponding issues open
*	Close six issues without modification to the document

We have six remaining issues which the subcommittee has provided guidance on how to reach consensus.  We believe that pull requests can be drafted and we will have an AP-SC meeting on February 13 for any final deliberations.  
It is reasonable to expect delivery of the CSD for Stateless Packet Filtering prior to the February 20 TC Monthly.  We have medium to medium-high confidence in this assessment.   
The SLPF has a dependency on the resolution of a Language Subcommittee issue (regarding the ip_connection and ip_addr targets).  The SLPF can still progress, but it is acknowledge that the final resolution will require a resolution within the Language Specification.    

Thank you

Very Respectfully, 

Joe Brule  (Editor of SLPF)
Duncan Sparrell (Editor of SLPF)
Alex Everett (Editor of SLPF)

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