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openc2 message

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Subject: Status of Language Specification

OpenC2 Technical Committee, 

The purpose of this email is to provide a status of the resolution of comments to the Language Specification and provide an estimated delivery of a draft that can be considered for a second public review.  This is in response to an action assigned by the Technical Committee to the editors on January 11, 2019.  

Public review comments were organized into 87 individual Issues. Since the public review period ended, we have made good progress resolving many of the Issues, but a substantial number still remain. The Language Subcommittee is focusing its efforts to resolve the remaining comments.

Currently we estimate that the remaining Issues can be resolved and a new Draft produced by the end of February. 

In order to expedite the release to a second public review, we are considering asking the TC at the next monthly meeting to vote to approve the next draft with the condition that the editors recommend its release and the members of the Language Subcommittee have no objections. This approach could produce a stable draft of the next version of the specification in time for the RSA Conference with the second 15-day public review beginning several days after. The editors will work with the co-chairs on the logistics of this approach.

The Language Subcommittee invites all members of the TC to participate in the Issues resolution. More comments and "+/-1s" are helpful when adjudicating the remaining Issues. Please use the following links to participate.

Language Specification Repository:

Current Open Issues:

Jason Romano
Language Subcommittee, Co-Chair

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