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Subject: Duncan Sparrell Bio


Recall that Duncan Sparrel accepted a nomination to be co-chair of the OpenC2 Technical Committee. 

Here is a brief Bio (pdf version attached):  

Duncan Sparrell duncan@sfractal.com Chief Cyber Curmudgeon sFractal Consulting LLC 
Duncan is currently the sole proprietor of a boutique security/software consulting firm where he enjoys semi-retirement consulting part-time (~25%) and filling the rest of his time by doing volunteer activities in the open-source, cybersecurity, and secure-software-developmentprocess communities. Previously, Duncan worked for AT&T for 35 years where he worked in hardware development, software development, digital signal processing, voice packetization, systems architecture, and cybersecurity. When he retired in 2013, his title was Distinguished Member of Technical Staff and his role was AT&T's Chief Security Architect.  
Duncan was awarded the US Government's Intelligence Seal Medallion in 1994 and AT&T's Science & Technology Meal in 2010. He holds Bachelor and Master degrees in Electrical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, has been awarded 6 patents, has published numerous papers, and has CISSP/CSSLP/CCSK certifications. 
Duncan has been involved in cybersecurity since the first Gulf War in 1990 where he assisted the US Air Force Information Warfare Center in cyberattacks preparing the battlefield as part of kicking off Operation Dessert Storm - which opened his eyes to how behind far the blue team was; and resulted in the rest of his career developing protections for USG and AT&T networks. 
Duncan has been involved in standards since the early 1980's. With the breakup of the Bell System, he was a founding member of ANSI Committee T1 and served as Secretary of Committee T1Y1.2. He has held management positions in the ITU (Special Rapporteur Speech Packetization, Working Party Chairman ITU-T SG15/2 Signal Processing) and currently attends ITU-T SG17 and ITU-D SG2 as a US Delegate. Within OASIS he has been active in the Cyber Threat Intelligence TC and the OpenC2 TC. He is currently the editor of the OpenC2 Language Specification and the StateLess Packet Filter Actuator Profile; and he just ended his 2-year term as Co-chair of the Language Subcommittee. 

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