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Subject: Final changes to complete HTTPS Transfer Specification

OpenC2 TC Members,

The HTTPS Transfer Specification is nearly ready for ballot as the next CSD / PRD, and as editor I would welcome review by other members of the TC.

I have created PR #64 to capture various editorial clean-up items on the HTTPS Specification:

This PR contains a collection of non-material changes representing editorial clean-up for consistency within the HTTPS Transfer Specification and with material in the other two specifications, especially the Language Specification. The individual commit message should convey the sense of the various changes.Â

Once this PR is applied and a Table of Contents generated, the working branch of the GitHub repo will represent the next Working Draft, which will be submitted to the TC for ballot as a new CSD / PRD.

If you find other needed corrections in this draft, please notify me and I'll add them to this PR.

Thank you,

David P. Lemire, CISSP
G2, Inc.Â(AÂHuntington Ingalls company)
 OpenC2 Technical Committee Secretary
 OpenC2 Implementation Considerations SC Co-chair
 Contractor support to NSA

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