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Subject: HTTPS Specification Status Update

OpenC2 TC Members:Â Having receive no comments after a week, I've merged PR #64. The `working-pr01` branch (https://github.com/oasis-tcs/openc2-impl-https/tree/working-pr01) now represents the proposed next version of the HTTPS Transfer Specification, minus a few pending minor changes:
  • The Language Spec editors have identified a few more Section 1 commonality items to fix, including one new definition ("Message"), which will mean a new definition and capitalization tweaks throughout
  • I need to generate a TOC and insert it into the MD version
SC and TC members are invited to review this version and notify the editor (i.e., me) of any problems they identify.

David P. Lemire, CISSP
G2, Inc. (AÂHuntington Ingalls company)
 OpenC2 Technical Committee Secretary
 OpenC2 Implementation Considerations SC Co-chair
 Contractor support to NSA
Email: dave.lemire@g2-inc.com
WorkÂ(301) 575-5190 |ÂMobile (240) 938-9350

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