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Subject: OpenC2 Happenings for week of 1 April 2019: BALLOTS!!!!!

Our editors have resolved PR01 issues to create the PR02 versions of the three specifications and 3 ballots are open to approve new CSD/PRD versions. Ballots opened Thursday, 28 March at 7:00 pm EDT and will close Thursday 4 April at 2:00 pm EDT.

Please review the working draft versions linked to the ballots and vote on the proposed CSDs.Â

IMPORTANT:ÂPlease provide anyÂmaterial changesÂyou propose as ballot comments rather than holding them to submit during the second public review. Our hope is to have only non-material changes to the specifications as the result of public review #2. To achieve that the editors need inputs regarding material changes now so that corrections can be made before the next CSD / PRD versions are published.

Ballots can be found in your OASIS account atÂ

ITEM TWO:Â Face-to-Face Meeting
The next TC F2F meeting will be held April 30 - May 1 in Washington, hosted by AT&T. This schedules the meeting adjacent to the next IACD Integrated Cyber event, planned for May 2-3 at JHU APL.Â

Joe Brule is organizing the agenda for this F2F meeting. Please contact Joe (or Duncan Sparrell) if you have agenda suggestions or requests. Some portion of the F2F will be used to address comments from Public Review #2. The co-chairs are particularly interested in contributions regarding next steps for the TC, possibly in the form of "lightning talks" to put forward ideas and spark further discussion.

AT&T requests that TC members register ASAP to facilitate estimating catering requirements; if you think you might be attending in person it is better to register that way, even if your plans change later.ÂÂ


ITEM THREE:Â Meetings for the week of 1 April 2019Â
(all times are EasternÂDaylightÂTime [UTC-4])

Implementation Considerations SC: Wednesday at 1:00pm
Very Respectfully,
David Lemire on behalf of the OpenC2 Co-chairs

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