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Subject: Lang Spec CSPRD01 and JADN

I like each of Duncan’s comments so far, but several of them bring up JADN references still in place.


As it stands now (likely CS01), there is no JADN specification. It has been removed from the Appendix to the language specification, and appears in no other document. We should not / cannot reference what does not exist.


How to proceed with JADN is worthy of a serious but short conversation at the F2F. It seems likely that if we promote it to another Specification, that we should try to recruit some specifically interested in the “space” of JADN, that is of serious formalization of common semantic interfaces so that they can get wide acceptance and be compatible for inclusion into tooling.


I have some ideas on that, but as noted, a good F2F topic.


The TC has requested a JADN stub document, but as of yet, we have not seen even WD01.


For now, the way to address vague JADN references in the specification(s) is to eliminate them.




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