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Subject: OpenC2 Happenings for week of 13 May 2019

In a nutshell:ÂBallots on next working drafts, andÂTC monthly meeting

ITEM ONE:Â Next CSD / PRD03 Ballots
We received a number of useful and material comments from the second public review, which were discussed at the face-to-face meeting, and which the editors are nearly finished implementing. Please watch your email for notice of a new trio of ballots to approve the new versions as next CSD / PRD03 documents for OASIS to publish for a third (and hopefully last) public review. The ballots will be initiated as soon as the editors notify the TC co-chairs that the new WDs are ready.

You can see the changes driven by the comments by looking at pull requests against our three specifications. Here's a starting point on GitHub that includes the three document repos in question:ÂÂhttps://github.com/oasis-tcs?utf8=%E2%9C%93&q=openc2&type=&language=ÂÂ

The relevant repos are oc2ls, apsc-stateless-packet-filter, and impl-https.

ITEM TWO:Â TC Monthly Meeting
The next TC meeting will be Wednesday, 15 May, at 11:00am and 9:00pm EDT.ÂÂA draft agenda for the TC meeting has been posted in Lucid Meetings (https://meet.lucidmeetings.com/meeting/215746). Please notify the TC co-chairs or the Secretary if you have any agenda suggestions.

ITEM THREE:Â Other Meetings This Week
Other meetings this week:

Language SC Meeting:ÂÂ
Tuesday, 14 May, 1:00pm EDT

Implementation Considerations SC Meeting:
Wednesday, 15 May, 1:00pm EDT

A reminder: TC Co-Chair Joe Brule is Slack-disabled, for technical reasons.Â
Please contact him via email or telephone.ÂÂ

Very Respectfully,
David Lemire on behalf of the OpenC2 Co-chairs

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