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Subject: Ballot for the SLPF was updated

OpenC2 Technical Committee, 

An issue was identified with the Stateless Packet Filtering Profile and the ballot was amended accordingly.  

The gist of the issue is:   We created Working Draft 08 of the Stateless Packet Filtering Profile to correct some inconsistencies between the Language Specification and the Profile.  We inadvertently sent a zip file of Working Draft 04 to OASIS.   I personally voted yes on the ballot based on my familiarity of the working draft eight we generated on GitHub and I did not actually unzip the files on the ballot.  

Please note that the ballot is in fact for Working Draft 08 and NOT Working Draft 04.  Please take this opportunity to vote if you have not already done so and modify your vote if necessary.  

Many thanks to Danny Martinez for capturing the inconsistency and many thanks to this Technical committee.  

Very Respectfully, 

Joe Brule

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