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Subject: TC Happenings: Weed of July 29

OpenC2 Technical Committee, 

Our Executive Secretary is on vacation, so this week's Happenings will be abbreviated.  

FIRST ORDER OF BUSINESS:  By now you have read Jason Romano's announcement that he will be pursuing other opportunities and will no longer be able to support OpenC2.  We can all agree that Mr. Romano's expertise, work ethic and dedication is nothing short of amazing.  His absence will be sorely missed.  
Thank you for everything. 
You have our respect. 
You have our gratitude.  
It has been an honor and best wishes in your new endeavors.  

ITEM ONE:  We will need to elect a Language Subcommittee co-chair to succeed Jason Romano.  If you or a colleague are interested in serving, please contact the TC co-chairs. 

ITEM TWO:  A call for post 1.0 Participation: Version 1.0 of the specifications have been posted, approved and announced, so let's move forward.   
Â	Do you have a product or service that's a candidate for producing/ consuming OpenC2 commands and responses?  Please consider sharing your Custom Actuator Profile or Proposed Committee specification.   Please contact the AP-SC co-chair (Alex Everett or Dave Kemp).   
Â	HTTPS is ubiquitous, but is there a message fabric that is more suitable for your cyber-ecosystem?  Please consider sharing your proposed key management, transport solution and other implementation considerations with the IC-SC co-chairs (Dave Lemire or Michelle Barry)
Â	Do you need OpenC2 to do more?  Do you have a use case or scenario that we have not considered?  Please share you use cases with the L-SC co-chairs (Jason Romano and Toby Considine)

ITEM THREE:  Based on information received from OASIS,  they will announce the OpenC2 Committee Specifications on Monday August 5!   We now have a 1.0 for three specifications, please share with your colleagues and encourage adoption

ITEM FOUR:  NSA's Public Affairs Office will be releasing a statement regarding OpenC2 in the near future.  If you or a colleague from your organization has a statement about OpenC2 that they would like to share, please contact Joe Brule.   

ITEM FIVE:  OASIS will be running a Borderless Cyber conference in Washington, D.C., 8-10 October at the National Press Club. This conference includes an Integrated Cyber track for the IACD community. 

Meetings This Week:

Language SC:  Tuesday August 6 at 13:00 Eastern.  (https://meet.lucidmeetings.com/meeting/216920 )
The focus of the meeting will be a JSON-Schema implementation of the property tables 

Actuator Profiles SC: Wednesday, 24 July, at 14:00 Eastern (https://meet.lucidmeetings.com/meeting/207323)
Topics of the meeting to be announced

Sent on behalf of the TC co-chairs

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