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Subject: OpenC2 Plug Fest

OpenC2 Technical Committee, 

I have four requests of you in the context of the pending Plug Fest.  

The United States Cyber Command graciously offered to host a two day Plug Fest for OpenC2 at their DreamPort facility in Columbia Maryland.  The DreamPort facility provides the command an outreach to industry and is not limited to US persons or organizations.  

The event will be not be limited to OASIS TC members.  The Plug Fest brings the community together to work and gain experience with OpenC2.  The OpenC2 Plug Fest is not an activity to write new specifications nor is it an OASIS meeting that counts toward voting rights.  

I have the following requests: 

ONE: Let us know if you are interested in participating in the OpenC2 Plug Fest.  I realize that it takes time to go through your internal processes, but at this point I am attempting to get a measure of the level of interest and not necessarily a strong commitment.  In a perfect world, would like to hear your response no later than September 23 07:30 Eastern.  I have a meeting with my senior management that day and would like to report the level of interest. 
TWO:  The timeframe will be in 'Early 2020'.  Please indicate if you can make the week of Jan 20 or Jan 27 work and if so, which is preferable. 

THREE:  Suggest scenarios/ use cases of interest to you and/or identify actuators and functions that your products provide.  A corollary to this request;  what will you need at the DreamPort Facility?  Simply a hypervisor and internet connectivity? Do we need to provide rack space? Other requirements?  

FOUR:  If you have experience with Plug Fests, it would be most appreciated if you could help with the organization/ logistics.  Your help and guidance in this matter would be deeply appreciated.  

Thank you 

Very Respectfully, 

Joe Brule
Engineering (Y2D122)
FNX-3, B4A335
'Adnius ad retinedam puritem noster peciosus corporalis fluidorum...'
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