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Subject: OpenC2 Plug Fest: Need to give the DreamPort people a better estimate on the number of people attending.

Recall that USCYBERCOM will host the first OpenC2 Plug Fest/ hack-a-thon on Jan 27, 28 2020.  When we were setting this up, we made an estimate based on the number of people at the OpenC2 F2F.  We have quite a few people registered and we are still seven weeks out so it appears we will exceed our initial guess. 
It would be most helpful if we give DreamPort a good estimate as soon as it is possible to do so.  The need to have the estimate to make sure they have enough tables, whiteboards etc. Please reply at your earliest opportunity to let us know:
Thank you
Joe Brule
Joe Brule
Engineering (Y2D122)
FNX-3, B4A335
'Adnius ad retinedam puritem noster peciosus corporalis fluidorum…'
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