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Subject: OpenC2 Happenings for week of 16 December 2019

ÂTC Monthly Meeting. The TC monthly business meeting is Wednesday, the 18th, with the usual 11:00 AM and 9:00 PM EST sessions.This meeting counts toward voting rights.ÂIf you have suggested agenda items, please tell the Secretary or one of the Co-Chairs.

ITEM TWO:ÂPlug FestÂUpdate. OpenC2Âwill be runningÂa plug fest / hackathonÂ27-28 January 2020,Âhosted by US Cyber Command in their public, unclassified DreamPort facilityÂin Columbia, MD. TC members are encouraged to consider participation in this event.ÂÂFurther details and registration information can be found at DreamPort:Âhttps://dreamport.tech/event-open-c2-plug-fest-01272820.php

The first of a series ofÂplug fest preparation meetingsÂtakes place Thursday, the 19th. These calls will take place at 1:00 PM EST, with tentative focus as follows:
  • 19 December: Âreview of available producer / consumer capability (see details under Meetings This Week)
  • 2 January: discussion of use cases of interest
  • 16 January: Âhybrid / freeform discussion
This sequence hopefully facilitates the intent of demonstrating interoperability at the plug fest, since by focusing first on working (or nearly) capabilities, those with needs can hopefully get a clearer picture of what's potentially applicable to their use cases.ÂÂIf you wish to participate and need an invitation please contact the Secretary or any of the TC or SC co-chairs.

Information related to the plug fest is being accumulated into pages in the TC's use cases repo; please look atÂhttps://github.com/oasis-tcs/openc2-usecases/tree/master/Cybercom-PlugfestÂand make contributions and corrections to improve the overall value of this resource.

A Tech Talk was conducted at DreamPort onÂTuesday,Â5 November, providing information about OpenC2 and our plans for the plug fest to about 35 people. Slides from the event have been posted; links to the presentations are on the GH page above (in section 6)
OASIS has created a new mail list for the plug fest which is open to interested parties regardless of OASIS or TC membership. If you are interested in participating on that mailing list, please let the Secretary know your preferred email to use.Â

A Slack channel has also been established to help with plug fest coordination: # plug-fest-prepÂ
https://openc2-community.slack.com/messages/CNW18R2NR, however since that channel is limited to plug fest participants who are also TC members, the mail list is the preferred coordination mechanism.

Six Key Points:
1) The goal of the Plug Fest is to execute use cases using OpenC2 and gather lessons learned about interoperability.Â
2) The Plug Fest is not a venue for the development of OpenC2 specifications.
3) The Plug Fest is open to interested participants, regardless of whether they are OASIS members.
4) The Plug Fest is open to all. The DreamPort facility and the Plug Fest are unclassified, and there is no restriction to U.S. organizations or individuals.

5) The plugfest aspect is for testing interworking of existing OpenC2 implementations. Let us know what you have and we will work your implementation into the test plans.

6) The hackathon aspect is for improving the interworking of existing OpenC2 implementations, extending existing implementations (e.g., the many OpenC2 open source projects), and/or creating new implementations of OpenC2.

ITEM THREE: Google Cloud Platform. A Google representative is working to provide Google Cloud Platform (GCP) resources to support the Plug Fest. A session to introduce people to the basics of using GCP was held on 5 December at DreamPort. Details on how to take advantage of the GCP resources will be forwarded to plugÂfest participants as they become available.

ITEM FOUR: Language SC Co-chair. To-date no nominations have been received for the positionÂof Language SC co-chair.ÂPlease contact either of the TC co-chairs to nominate a candidate or discuss your interest in the co-chair position

ITEM FIVE:ÂÂA call for post 1.0 Participation.ÂVersion 1.0 of the specifications have been posted, approved and announced, so let's move forward.
  • Do you have a product or service that's a candidate for producing / consuming OpenC2 commands and responses? Please consider sharing your Custom Actuator Profile or Proposed Committee specification. ÂPlease contact the AP-SC co-chairs (Alex Everett and Dave Kemp). Â
  • HTTPS is ubiquitous, but is there a message fabric that is more suitable for your cyber-ecosystem? Please consider sharing your proposed key management, transport solutions and other implementation considerations with the IC-SC co-chairs (Dave Lemire and Michelle Barry)
  • Do you need OpenC2 to do more? Do you have a use case or scenario that we have not considered? Please share you use cases with the L-SC co-chairs (Toby Considine [and a player-to-be-named-later])

Meetings This Week:

TC Monthly Meeting
Wednesday, 19 December
Plug Fest Preparation Meeting #1
Thursday, 19 December at 1:00 PM EST.

Plug Fest Preparation Meeting #1 will be focusing on the commands and associated responses.
Let the community know:
  • The commands you currently implement
  • The commands you intend to implement by Jan 27
  • What transport protocols you can support
This is an opportunity to let the community know the capabilities you can offer or what you desireÂ.Â

Sent on behalf of the TC Co-Chairs,

David P. Lemire, CISSP
HII Mission Driven Innovative Solutions (HII-MDIS,Âformerly G2, Inc.)
Technical Solutions (A Division of Huntington Ingalls Industries)
 OpenC2 Technical Committee Secretary
 OpenC2 Implementation Considerations SC Co-chair
 Contractor support to NSA


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