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Subject: OpenC2 Plug-fest


Recall that we are in the process of organizing our OpenC2 Plug-fest/ Hack-a-thon.  We will have an in person event in conjunction with Technology Transfer Days in New York City (October 2020) and we will have a virtual event (August 2020).  

OASIS set up an email alias for business associated with the plug-fest events.  If you are interested in either event and not already on the plug-fest email alias, please let me, Duncan Sparrel and/or Dave Lemire know and we will ensure that you are included.  If you are not sure you are on the alias, Dave Lemire sent an email to the plug-fest alias today at 12:24 eastern.  

Please note: The purpose of these events is to exercise the specification(s) via proof of concepts, prototype use case implementations etc.  Because we are not actually writing or modifying the specs, this event is open to non-members.  By all means, invite your colleagues!

Thank you 

Very Respectfully

Joe Brule.  

Please note:  For the time being, use jmbrule@uwe.nsa.gov for correspondence.  I do not have access to my .mil account.    

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