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Subject: OpenC2 Plugfest Oct 28th

We’ll be talking about it at the OpenC2 Technical Committee meeting next week but I thought I’d let you know that registration is open for the OpenC2 Plugfest on October 28th.


Registration is at at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/sbom-poc-openc2-plugfest-hackathon-tickets-124335150783.


The theme is cybersecurity automation and we are involving the larger ecosystems that OpenC2 is a piece of (e.g. IACD, SCAPv2, OCA, CACAO) and the focus of at least some of the OpenC2 testing is using SBOMs in the comply-to-connect use case. The plugfest will be a mix of talks and breakout sessions to do the interconnection testing etc. The agenda is at https://github.com/oasis-tcs/openc2-usecases/blob/master/TTD-PlugfestHackathon/poc_agenda.md. Several keynotes are still getting corporate permission.  


Register as a ‘participant’ if, in addition to attending the talks, you’d like to participate in the breakout sessions (eg OpenC2 interconnection testing, SBOM creation, CACAO playbook creation, automation use case creation , …). Register as ‘attendee’ if you’ll just be attending one or more of the plenary talks.


We had ~50 people at the January plugfest so I capped this plugfest at 100. I needed max capacity for the Eventbrite registration and the zoom videoconferencing. First dibs went to those participating on the prep calls for the plugfest (currently have 20 registered and not all have registered yet – hint hint do it now) and I’m now alerting the OpenC2 TC. I’ll then open it up to the other ecosystems. In other words, register now in case we get lucky and it fills up.


A big thank you to our corporate sponsors for the sweat equity of all those involved, and special thanks to Google for contributing $60K worth of GCP resources for our use in the plugfest.



Duncan Sparrell

sFractal Consulting LLC

iPhone, iTypo, iApologize

I welcome VSRE emails. Learn more at http://vsre.info/


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