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Subject: New Google Group for future "plug fest" coordination

TC Members:  Over the last year we've had a bit of proliferation of address / mailing lists associated with the two plug-fest events. Given the expansion of the October plug fest beyond OpenC2, we've created a Google Group for coordinating future Cyber Automation Workshops:


Welcome the Cybersecurity Automation Workshop coordination group. This group grew out of OpenC2 plug fest events in 2020, and now encompasses a number of cybersecurity automation technologies including OpenC2, CACAO, STIX, SBOM, SCAP, and others. We have taken the liberty of adding anyone who participated or expressed interest in the January and October 2020 plug fest events to the list. Please inform Dave Lemire (david.lemire@hii-tsd.com) or Duncan Sparrell (duncan@sfractal.com) if you wish to be removed from the list.


This list is set for public visibility but posting is limited to group members.




If you were in any of the previous sets of addresses or signed up as a participant in October I've added you to the new group. Anyone who wishes to be removed or added can notify me. 


This is not an OASIS-affiliated list, and is open to anyone who wishes to join.


I have to apologize for the clumsy email address (cybersecurity-automation-workshop-coordination@googlegroups.com), I should have been more careful when creating the group and shortened that to something more workable. Unfortunately I don't see any way to fix it now.  Any Google Groups experts are free to correct me.




David Lemire

Systems Engineer

HII Mission Driven Innovated Solutions (HII-MDIS)

Technical Solutions Division


302 Sentinel Drive | Annapolis Junction, MD 20701

Work (301) 575-5190 | Mobile (443) 535-1182


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